Validation Trial Exeter University, Spring 2017 


Olitool was trialled at Exeter University in spring 2017 on individuals experiencing stress and worry.  The trial was conducted at arms length by Exeter University professor Ed Watkins as a multiphase randomized case study trial methodology with 14 high worrier participants over a trial period of 6 weeks.

Trial results very positive with noticeable and consistent reduction in worry behaviours as well as some statistically significant behaviour change outcomes.  The study provided proof of principle that Olitool can help people change their behaviours and manage their worries.

Participatory design is essential to OliTool’s design methodology and working with a University student cohort has been a foundation to OliTool’s design.  The initial Olitool prototype has been developed based on a co-design sessions with students at Goldsmith’s University and University College London as well as a range of mental health and education practitioners.  The Royal College of Art conducted qualitative interviews with the Exeter University trial participants.  This qualitative data will inform the next iteration of OliTool’s app and object interface.  OliTool continues to undergo 'in the wild' testing to improve the system, ensure its effectiveness and provide insights for further design development.

Testimonials included the following: