OliTool is futuristic. It is an active rather than a passive fidget toy. The link to the app monitoring and giving feedback is good and different. Because it records what you set out to follow, you can see something over time so you can track progress.”
— Deputy Head special needs school
It would be helpful to know when, where and why I was stressed. I like the positive reinforcement and self-reflection.
— 13 year old student diagnosed with ADHD
I like the idea of the connection to an app, it would be very very helpful to track each lesson and see what is disruptive; the app could be fun for children and parents to work on together.
— Parent of child diagnosed with ADHD
Patterns emerged, its almost like a bird’s eye view, which is very helpful. I’ve made changes in my routine in response to feedback- this works really well.
— Exeter University Trial Participant
In the midst of starting to worry, doing a bookmark arrested the worry. I felt calmer and more in control as a result of that action.
— Exeter University Trial Participant

The app itself is good. I liked being able to define levels of worry and calm, and look back on it and look for patterns.
— Exeter University Trial Participant
Changes I made include challenging worries before they come, and less catastrophizing. Drawing attention to worry has helped.
— Exeter University Trial Participant