Core Team

Ogenblik’s founders, Lisa Erickson and Deborah Werbner, are polymaths, drawing on diverse experiences in design, psychology, healthcare, business and law. They are committed to making engaging, aesthetic and clever smart tools that promote wellbeing – a subject that they are passionate about.

Lisa Erickson, BA Psychology and Stanford MBA, has over 15 years of experience in investment banking, health care and project finance as well as ten years of clinical experience as a registered osteopath.

Deborah Werbner, JD (Northwestern), BA Psychology and MA Applied Art, has extensive experience as a lawyer, researcher, project organizer and designer-maker with a deeply imbued sense of aesthetics.

The Ogenblik team includes Lawrence Archard, Acting CTO and and IoT specialist, Richard Groves, Software Engineer and Dr. Caroline Wood, Behavioural Scientist.  We have strong working relationships with leading academics in relevant disciplines including psychology, children's and adolescent mental health, user experience design, engineering, pain management, smoking cessation and interaction design who have assisted us in developing OliTool.

OliTool Team May 2018.png


Dr. Ed Watkins, Professor of Experimental and Applied Clinical Psychology, University of Exeter

Dr. Kyoko Murakami, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Copenhagen

Dr. Robert De Rubeis,  Samuel H. Preston Term Professor in the Social Sciences and Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Hans D. Nilsson, Consultant, Start-up and Business Scaling Expert; Former Coach, Stanford SEED West Africa Center



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