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Founded in 2014 by Deborah Werbner and Lisa Erickson, Ogenblik draws on its founder's rich background in well-being, psychology, design and business.  Ogenblik's team includes an active Board of Advisors with leaders in psychological research, clinical practice, technology and a freelance team of product design and technology experts.



Lisa Erickson, a Stanford MBA, leads business development.  She has over 15 years experience in investment banking/health care finance.  While obtaining her BA in Psychology, Lisa conducted research for Dr. Martin Seligman on learned helplessness and depression.  Lisa is a registered osteopath and a founding partner in a London osteopathic practice.

Deborah Werbner, a MA in Art and Design, leads Ogenblik’s general research, design and creative development.  She is a designer/maker and her academic work focused on objects and memory, emotion, cognition and attachment. Deborah practiced law (JD) for over 15 years and has a BA degree in Child Development and Psychology.  In 2015 Deborah was awarded a grant from Creativeworks London to conduct co-design research with Professor Jonny Freeman, i2Media Research, Goldsmiths University.

Lawrence Archard, Ogenblik's Interim CTO has over twenty years of experience as an electronics engineer and consultant in electronics hardware and embedded software.  Lawrence specializes in connected devices (Internet of Things).  Richard Groves, MSc Computer Science, has over twenty years experience as a software engineer.  Richard has particular expertise in app and game design as well as capability with healthcare applications. We are also pleased to welcome Dr. Caroline Wood, PhD Health and Social Psychology to our team.  Caroline was Assistant Director at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change.  Her professional standing and expertise in health and social psychology and her knowledge of behaviour change techniques and practices are instrumental additions to the Ogenblik core team. 

Advisory Board

Ogenblik’s team includes an active Board of Advisors with leaders in psychological research, clinical practice, technology, and a freelance team of product design and technology experts.

Ogenblik’s Board of Advisors includes:

Dr. Ed Watkins, Professor of Psychology, Exeter University, Researcher and Clinician, Exeter Mood Disorders Centre.

Dr. Anne Hsu, Lecturer Queen Mary University, expertise computer science and psychology.

Lawrence Archard, Electronics and Internet of Things specialist, expertise in consumer electronics, embedded software and product development.  Lawrence is currently Interim CTO.

Dr. Kyoko Murakami, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.



We have been fortunate to benefit from grants from CreativeWorks London and Nominet Trust.  We have also worked in collaboration with various departments of University College of London, including the Centre for Behaviour Change and the Clinical Health Psychology Department, as well as the Royal College of Art, Helen Hamlyn Centre.  We have been selected for two years running to be part of the Cambridge Wireless Innovation Programme and are grateful for their generous support for our work.  In conjunction with the 2017 Cambridge Wireless International Conference, Cambridge Council collaborated with us in a mini-trial looking at the human input of OliTool with quantitative date from emission controls in the city of Cambridge.  We are also working with Professor Robert Derubeis and his students at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Psychology.  We are grateful for the encouragement provided by all our champions as we further develop OliTool.  As of February 2018, we will become part of the IdeaLondon family, having been awarded a place at this UCL, Cisco and EDF post-accelerator programme.



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