Rigorous research is at the foundation of all of our work


Academic research underlines all product development


Our products have been informed by research from multiple disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, affective haptics, systems engineering, user experience design, applied arts and behaviour change. We have incorporated theories of cognitive behavioural therapy, ecological momentary assessment and intervention, behavioural intervention technologies and embodied cognition, amongst others, into our products.


User Workshops Inform All Aspects of Our Design

With an initial grant from CreativeWorks London, we worked in conjunction with Goldsmiths University and the i2 Media Lab, to conduct user experience workshops, which have informed our product development. Numerous co-design sessions followed, including collaborative workshops with University College London through the Centre for Behaviour Change. Our workshops have included in-depth discussions with both individuals experiencing challenging behavioural issues as well as psychotherapists and counsellors from a range of different theoretical backgrounds.