At Ogenblik, we are passionate about health and wellbeing.  Sometimes circumstances and patterns prevent us from meeting our wellbeing objectives. We believe smart approaches can make the journey to wellbeing easier by providing support in an engaging, accessible and stigma-free way.  We are excited about applying digital technologies in clever ways to tools that support psychological and physical health.

In 2014, we came up with the idea of harnessing our deeply embedded appreciation of tactile objects and the power of fidgeting in a smart wellbeing tool.  The result was OliTool – a system comprised of an ergonomic ‘holdable’connected object, Oli, and a companion app. Think, digital worry bead

OliTool allows you to mark, with simple gestures of the hand, significant moments in your day for review and reflection.  It combines the proven benefits of fidgeting - calming, distraction, playfulness - with the magic of the Internet of Things.  It provides acknowledging haptic feedback and enables you - in a stigma-free way - to develop an understanding of your behaviours and emotions by articulating goals, tracking behaviours and reflecting for insights. 

With OliTool, you can uncover behaviour patterns and triggers that are getting in the way of your wellbeing.  OliTool, drawing on CBT and behaviour change methods, guides you through steps to change or manage these behaviours.