Building Tools for Psychological Wellbeing


We are a technology company with a social purpose.


Our mission is to promote psychological wellbeing by creating validated tools that are engaging, intuitively appealing and effective.  By helping people manage their personal challenges we hope to broaden access to psychological support.  

We leverage technology and draw on deeply embedded human behaviours to humanise digital solutions.  We are committed to a person-centred design methodology and to building on evidence-based research in order to provide affordable tools for wellbeing that are broadly accessible.


Our Unique Approach


Harnessing the technology inherent in the Internet of Things, we make smart digital artefacts that use our sense of touch to offer discrete, comforting and effective means to detect and express emotion in real time (EMA) and assist behaviour change.  Our proprietary software applications individualise the user experience and guide the user based on behaviour change methodologies (COM-B system of motivation, capability and opportunity) and principles of cognitive behaviour therapy.

“The sense of touch provides a very powerful method of eliciting and modulating human emotion… Human emotions can be easily evoked by different cues and the sense of touch is one of the most emotionally charged channels.”
— Eid, Mohamad, and Hussein Al Osman. Affective Haptics: Current Research and Future Directions, IAEE Access (February 28, 2016) p. 27.
“EMA methods provide an important tool to help clinical psychology explore the dynamic nature of behaviour thought and feeling as they unfold over time.”
— Shiffman, Saul, Arthur A. Stone, and Michael R. Hufford. "Ecological momentary assessment." Annu. Rev. Clin. Psychol. 4 (2008) p. 24

Our first focus is mental health


Mental health problems impact one in four of the adult population and are hugely costly to society.  Mental ill health is estimated to cost £100 billion per annum in lost productivity and health and social care costs for England alone, with millions struggling with stress and anxiety or depression related disorders.  

We are thrilled to have been granted a 2016 Nominet Trust Social Tech Seed Fund grant to progress our first product in development, OliToolan Internet of Things mHealth system that harnesses haptic technology to support psychological and physiological wellbeing.  


Rigorous research is at the foundation of all of our work


Academic research underlines all product development


Our products have been informed by research from multiple disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, affective haptics, systems engineering, user experience design, applied arts and behaviour change. We have incorporated theories of cognitive behavioural therapy, ecological momentary assessment and intervention, behavioural intervention technologies and embodied cognition, amongst others, into our products.


User Workshops Inform All Aspects of Our Design

With an initial grant from CreativeWorks London, we worked in conjunction with Goldsmiths University and the i2 Media Lab, to conduct user experience workshops, which have informed our product development. Numerous co-design sessions followed, including collaborative workshops with University College London through the Centre for Behaviour Change. Our workshops have included in-depth discussions with both individuals experiencing challenging behavioural issues as well as psychotherapists and counsellors from a range of different theoretical backgrounds.