Our first focus is mental health and chronic pain


Mental health problems impact one in four of the adult population and are hugely costly to society.  Mental ill health is estimated to cost £105 billion per annum in lost productivity and health and social care costs for England alone, with millions struggling with stress and anxiety or depression related disorders.  

Chronic pain impacts 10% of the UK population and 30% of people with a long term health condition also have mental health issues.  The impact of chronic pain is estimated to cost the UK economy £20Bn/annually.  Significantly, 17 million working days were lost due to stress, anxiety and depression in 2016.

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We were very fortunate to have been granted a 2016 Nominet Trust Social Tech Award to progress our first product in development, OliTool®️an Internet of Things mHealth system that harnesses haptic technology to support behavioural health and wellbeing.